Why sign up to ASLFLIX™?

ASLFLIX™ is recognized for high quality, most popular and updated American Sign Language and
interpreter training videos. In today’s day and age, more people spend time watching videos online from anywhere.
Now you can have all the access without carrying around DVD discs.

How many videos do I get to watch for Gold Membership level?

For Gold Membership: you will have access to over 70+ full feature ASL training videos / films.

Does each film comes with organized chapters??


Is it expensive?

For Gold Membership, it’s really about $.42 a day! (annual plan), which is a lot cheaper than a snack.
It’s also more convenient than building your own library. DVDs can easily become scratched, cracked or lost,
especially when touched by hands. With the ASLFLIX™, you can get the most play out of your favorite video
without having to take special care of it.

Can I please use those films just to teach at the classroom?

Yes, always.

Can we use this for our school, university or church?

Yes. We have licenses for groups larger than 5 concurrent users with special deep discounts.
Please contact our education department for further assistance at support@everydayasl.com.

When I need a specific category, where do I find it?

Just click on "Film List" to look for "Filter by category" then click to select a category!

How do I add a film to a list of favorites of mine??

At the bottom of every film, there is a link "Add to Favorites" that you can click on to save your favorites.☺

How do I earn CEUs for my membership with the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (https://rid.org/)?

All films and books at ASLFLIX.com can be used as an independent study CEU credits.
Please contact your local RID sponsor for arrangement. You are also welcome to contact our office
to receive an email verifying your successful completion of our ASL training films.

Can I share my password?

Sorry! Only the customer who paid to signup can use it. Think of it as sharing your toothbrush.
If everyone shared accounts we wouldn’t be able to continue creating amazing content.
By signing up you get to enjoy great content and help us create more!
We can see in our back end if an account has above average "log-ins" and "videos plays",
we reserve the right to freeze your account until verified that your password has not been shared.

Are your videos copyrighted?

Yes. Every DVD is copyrighted! Copying/sharing is stealing and we work against all forms of fraudulence.

What are the difference between Everyday ASL University and ASLFLIX™?

ASLFLIX™ is a subsidiary company part of Everyday ASL University. Every ASL / interpreter training
DVD is owned and published by Everyday ASL University and are also available for online viewing at ASLFLIX™.